7th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean

Spain | Palma | 4 – 6 March, 2019




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Session Programme

The 2019 programme will be available shortly. The 2019 Conference will cover the following thematic blocks:

1. Climatology: On temporal and spatial variability of the Mediterranean climate and on methodologies for its characterization. Studies on phenomena that imply risk on people and property.

Conveners: Vito Telesca, Josep Calbó and Jose A. Guijarro

2. Processes and applications: Works describing meteorological processes in the Mediterranean, of regional or local character, as well as related applications (modeling, air quality, micro-meteorology, etc).

Conveners: Mª Antonia Jiménez and Maja Telišman

3. Remote and in-situ measurements: Contributions describing such techniques applied to research or numerical weather prediction, such as measurement of meteorological parameters or remote sensing.

Conveners: Joan Bech and Vicente Caselles

4. Numerical modeling: Works regarding atmospheric numerical modeling at all scales (from global to local).

Conveners: Kristian Horvath, Lluis Fita and Victor Homar

5. Atmosphere-surface interactions in semi-arid conditions: In this session are invited communications dealing with all the aspects of the semi-arid period of the Mediterranean climate, including the progressive drying of the surface in late spring. Examples would be experimental, theoretical and numerical studies on surface processes, plant handling of water, crop and canopy evolution, water management, energy and water exchange fluxes at the surface or atmospheric circulations in heterogeneous environment. Works related to the new research effort LIAISE (Land surface Interactions with the Atmosphere over the Iberian Semi-arid Environment), engaged by the HyMeX community, are particularly welcome.

Conveners: Joan Cuxart, Jose Luis Palau and Dani Martínez

6. Extreme Events, from improved weather forecasts to better projections in a context of accelerated climate change: Studies summarizing any recent progress on the characterization and understanding of the extreme phenomenology, or involving the development of new approaches and tools for the provision of more valuable quantitative predictions and scenarios at regional and local contexts .

Conveners: Romualdo Romero, Jordi Mazón and Elcin Tan


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