Joint Congress of the
6th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean
Challenges in Meteorology 5

Croatia | Zagreb | 20 - 22 February, 2017




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*** Practical Information ***

LANGUAGE: English is the only official language of the conference.

POSTERS: The suggested poster format is A0 portrait. You will be assisted by the conference staff in putting your poster on the board.

POSTER PRINTING: Poster can be printed near Zagreb main square at ARS KOPIJA, Vlaška 71,Zagreb, Croatia (Working hours: 8:00AM - 8:00PM; email: ; web: ). The price of printing A0 poster on a regular paper is around 150 HRK (20 EUR). Posters are usually printed within an hour.

PRESENTATIONS: The suggested presentation format is 16:9, including filetypes: ppt, pptx and pdf. The presenters will be equipped with the small-sized microphones. Here we would like to ask you for cooperation; our conference staff will assist you enabling the microphones before the running talk. Your presentation will be managed by the conference staff and you will be able to change your slides using a pointer.

LUNCH: For all days of the conference, lunch is included in the registration fee. Lunch will take place in the conference venue (Kraš Auditorium), and menu choices will include a vegetarian menu. If you have special dietary requirements please inform us at

SOCIAL EVENT: The social event (dinner) is organized on the second day of conference (21st of February, 20:15 local time). The location of the social event will be in the city centre. Before dinner, a short City Tour will be organized which will end at the location of the restaurant.

The bus is parked in front of the passenger building and takes you to the main bus station in Zagreb. The ride takes about 30 minutes and one way ticket costs 30 kunas. Time table can be found at this link . From the main bus station you can take a tram to the city center. Map of daily tram lines in Zagreb can be found at this link.
There is a taxi stop in front of the passenger building. The price of the trip to the center of Zagreb is 150-200 kunas, depending on your destination.
At Zagreb International Airport you can rent a car. The offers can be found here

PUBLIC TRANSPORT INFORMATION: There are taxis, trams and buses. The tram tickets can be purchased at any kiosk. There are paper ones and an electronic rechargeable one. The electronic one you can buy once for 40 HRK at a kiosk with 3 rides on it and then fill it with more rides, 10 HRK per ride. One ride may last up to 1.5 hours and it does not matter how many vehicles or directions you change. Paper card is 10 HRK during the day and 15 HRK in the night. It can be purchased from a kiosk and even from the driver, it has to be validated on the machine next to the driver (other machines on the tram do not have an option to validate the paper card) and it is valid in one direction only. The driver should return change (if he has any). There are several taxi companies that operate in Zagreb, start is 1-1.5 EUR and then 0.9-1.1 EUR per km.

VISA: Participants requiring visa can check visa requirements for travelling to Croatia here and contact for any required supporting documentation.

CURRENCY AND PAYING OPTIONS: Local currency is Croatian kuna (HRK), 1 EUR is around 7.5 HRK. Most of the credit and debit cards are accepted in most shops, hotels and kiosks. It is possible to pay for airport bus using a card. Please verify with the taxi driver that he can charge from a card before boarding the taxi. It is legally mandatory to issue and take a bill for any purchase (there are few exceptions though).

Update: 14/02/2017

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